Episode Description

cc: growth journeys from emerging ecosystems to global markets.

Sheel led 500 Fintech Fund as its General Partner and launched Better Tomorrow Ventures about 2 years ago. He is laser focused on fintech and has invested in over 100 companies over the past 5 years. His portfolio includes a number of superstars including Albert, Kin, Ethos Insurance and Unit.

What’s in this episode?

1) Fintech opportunities in the US vs. the rest of the world

2) Importance of fintech infrastructure players and the $T opportunity ahead

3) Framework to spot upcoming fintech trends

4) Unbundling and bundling in the personal finance space

5) Complex insurance value chain, full of disintermediation

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Enis Hulli

500 Istanbul – General Partner

Enis aims to cultivate and grow local ecosystems, help talented entrepreneurs in building explosive businesses that will re-shape the future. As a General Partner at 500 Startups, Enis works to integrate Central Eastern Europe and Turkey with Silicon Valley. He has done 40+ investments that have collectively raised more than $300M in the past 3 years.