Ragnar: Not Just Another Estonian Unicorn Co-Founder!

Ragnar is the co-founder of Pipedrive, the leading sales CRM platform that raised $91M and has more than 90k customers from all around the globe. Ragnar is not yet another Estonian unicorn founder. He is a true ecosystem builder with non-profit co-working spaces, non-profit hackathons ran across EMEA and he is also an active angel investor.

IND: Digitizing Banks All The Way Until The Exit

Roland is the founder of IND Group, a fintech company that opened offices in 8 different countries and became one of the top 100 fintech companies globally. After 17 years as the Chairman, the company got acquired by Misys in 2014.

FITE: Aggregate The Fragmented Long Tail And Dominate

Fite is an independent digital combat sports network that started in Bulgaria and grew to more than 1.5M users. Started as a generalist entertainment streaming service, Kosta realized that he had to focus on specific verticals and dominate those.

Jobbatical: Future Of Work Meets Borderless World

Karoli is the founder of Jobbatical, the company that offers relocation and immigration services to top firms like Transferwise and Twilio. Karoli is passionate about creating a borderless world and re-designing the future of work.

ClaimCompass: Riding On Regulations In A $10B Industry

Tatyana is the CEO of ClaimCompass, a flight delay compensation platform that has received more than 150k claims to date! The company aims to get become the leading player in the $100B/year market with 90% left unclaimed.

Vladimir Oane: New Adventure After A Successful Exit And A Kid

Vladimir started Ubervu, a social media monitoring tool, in 2007 and grew it to 100s of customers with big names including Disney & Fujitsu. He sold it to Hootsuite in 2013 and stayed there for 3 years. He is now building Deepstash.

Balint Orosz: Exit Right After College, Life Of A Serial Entrepreneur

Balint is the founder of Team Distinction, a mobile software development company that was selected amongst the fastest growing in Europe by Deloitte and was bought by Skyscanner.

Insider: More Bullish Than Ever To Dominate Globally

Hande is the CEO of Insider, an end to end growth management platform for enterprises. Started in Turkey, Insider grew regionally and raised Series A from Sequioa. The company currently has more than 500 employees in 20 offices worldwide and generates more than $25M in annual recurring revenue.

Rina: Full Circle Journey Of Entrepreneurship and Investing

Rina is one of the few people in our region who has done the full circle, going from investing to entrepreneurship and back to investing after 2 successful endeavors. This episode is full of insights from someone who has raised around $50M from VCs, raised her own VC fund and did 40+ investments.

Peter Balogh: From Powering Auto Giants To Angel Investing

Peter is the founder of NNG, the in-car connectivity company that has more than 1,000 employees across 12 offices and is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Europe. Working with 30 car makers and almost all of the Tier-1 suppliers, NNG was founded in Hungary with a mission to make navigation easier.

Netsparker: Emerged As The Leader In The Space With $40M Raised

Developed in Turkey, with management in London, Netsparker targeted the US market from its start and became one of the largest in the web application security space with 5k customers including Fortune 500 with $40M raised.

SAASPass - 10X Better Product Than Unicorn Competitors

SaaSPass is an on-demand identity and access management company that found ways to differentiate in a highly competitive space through better product, partnerships and a developer oriented strategy. The company grew to more than 300 enterprise customers, including the Fortune 500.

10X Entrepreneur: Eren Bali's Idealistic Journey Part I

It is fair to call Eren a 10x entrepreneur. This episode covers Eren’s entrepreneurial journey from failed attempts in Turkey to building Udemy (raised $170M so far) and starting Carbon (raised $45M).

App Samurai: Scale Culture First & The Rest Will Follow

App Samurai is a self-service mobile advertising tool for high-growth companies that grew to 50+ countries and processed more than 10B clicks annually. Now tackling the fraud problem, App Samurai spun-out its fraud detection and quality control tool, Interceptd.

Meet Marton & Learn About CEE

Marton is with Flashpoint Ventures, actively investing in Series A stage companies around CEE, Israel and Turkey. He’ll join as a co-host in the upcoming episodes. This is an introductory episode to Marton and CEE startup ecosystems.

Meditopia: Building A Company For The Next Century

Started as a meditation app, now moving towards a daily mental companion, @meditopiapp reached 4M members in 50 countries only in 2 years! @fmcelebi is tackling the world’s ongoing psychological crisis, step by step.

Countly: Open-source, Bootstrapping & Remote Team

Onur is the CEO of Countly, a very flexible analytics platform that works on-prem and on private cloud. The company currently tracks mobile analytics from more than 1 billion devices and works with large enterprises like Microsoft, Coca Cola and Verizon.

Scotty: Turkey's Super App, Growing Against All Odds

Tarkan is the Founder and CEO of Scotty, a ride-sharing, food delivery and package delivery app that has done more than 3 million transactions since its start 2 years ago. The company has raised funds from more than 30 investors and built a legendary team.

Competera: Declined Exit Offers To Go Head-To-Head With Giants

Competera is a price management software that started in Ukraine and grew to $5M ARR from 26 countries. Alex and the team sold the product, even before having it; and faked having one by manually servicing their customers. Currently moving away from e-commerce, onto bigger things!

Bunch: $15M raised, 2 exits, 10 investments and more to come…

Selcuk started his first startup in Turkey, just to realize how hard it is to start in an immature ecosystem. He then moved to San Francisco, started 2 companies, raised funding from top tier VCs and exited from both. Joining 500 Startups after his second exit, he became a venture capitalist. He recently founded Bunch, an app that allows people group chat while playing games and raised $4M.

Cleanzy: Scaling a Very Operational Marketplace Model Globally

Tayga is the founder of Cleanzy, a home services marketplace that operates in Spain, Italy and Turkey. After failing multiple times with different services marketplace models, Tayga saw the big need in the market for cleaning and doubled down on that. Cleanzy has grown exponentially ever since, raised a series of funding and started to expand to different markets.

Evreka: Pivots, Regrets and Expansion to 20 Countries

Umutcan is the founder of Evreka, a smart waste collection technology that scaled to 20 countries over the past year. After pivoting away from hardware and focusing on channel partnerships, Evreka reached an even stronger and more scalable product-market-fit.

FXCubic: How Did FXCubic Stole Customers From Giant Competitors?

Ege is the CEO FXCubic, a liquidity bridge solution that sells to FX brokerages. After developing the solution for their customer in Turkey, the company productized its software, moved its headquarters to London and grew globally. The total monthly transaction volume is more than $80B and is growing rapidly!

OpsGenie: $295M in 5 Years Out of a Growing Niche

Berkay exited his company, OpsGenie, to Atlassian for $295M last year. After servicing large enterprises in the infrastructure operations and management space, Berkay decided to focus on IT incident management and build a scalable product in an upcoming industry. OpsGenie only raised 1 round of funding and was sold to Atlassian 5 years after it was born.

Foriba: Intern to CEO: Ruling 12 Countries

Koray is the CEO of Foriba, an extensive e-invoicing solution with enterprise capabilities. Started as an intern at the company, Koray made his way to partner and later became the CEO - just when Foriba decided to productize its service and start scaling. Operating in a dozen countries, Foriba aims to be the global leader in enterprise e-invoicing.